Elementary Learning Platform
The easy-to-use learning platform designed specifically for elementary schools, developed by Webanywhere, leaders in e-learning and web technology.

Simple, Intuitive Interface
Junior Jotter is designed to appeal to young students. Its carefully designed interface ensures they can find their way around the platform.

Customizable Learning Buddy
Students gain points for their achievements when they use Junior Jotter. These can be spent customizing a learning buddy to increase their interest and engagement.

Access From Anywhere
As Junior Jotter is cloud-based, you and your students can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection, whether that’s a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Junior Jotter is a web based learning platform designed specifically for elementary schools.

Create a vibrant Learning Management System that captures the imagination of students, saves time for teachers and strengthens links with parents.

Upload & access lessons, set homework, share educational resources and much more - anytime, anywhere! The possibilities to collaborate, share and learn are endless.

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